Megan Rea

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Megan Rea studied fine art at Edinburgh College of Art. Her paintings focus on the uninhabited spaces and artifacts of life once lived, celebrating fictitious cityscapes in medieval frescoes by reimagining them as architectural fragments. Drawing inspiration from 13th-15th century Italian works, fountains and crenellations that once peered from behind bustling crowds are brought to the fore and lent a mystical sovereignty. Rea’s work was the subject of a solo exhibition, The Bricks That Built The Houses, at Copeland Park in London, UK. Group exhibitions include those at Bloom Galerie, St. Tropez, FR; Janet Rady Fine Art, London, UK; The Tub, London, UK; and, Studi0, Zurich, CH. Her work has been published twice in Artmaze Magazine. She was also a recipient of the John Kinross Scholarship, an RSA New Contemporaries selection and the Open Contemporary Young Artist Award, and shortlisted for the HIX Award. Rea lives and works in East London.

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