Dream 2nd

Vinna Begin
Manal Kara
Christina Kenton
Margaret Mousseau
Mike Ousley
Hayley Youngs

March 2 – March 31, 2023
In conjunction with the 31st annual Outsider Art Fair

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Stellarhighway is pleased to present an online-only group presentation, Dream 2nd, in conjunction with the 31st annual Outsider Art Fair. Dream 2nd features work by self taught artists Manal Kara, Margaret Mousseau and Christina Kenton; folk artist Mike Ousley; and, contemporary artists Hayley Youngs and Vinna Begin. An eclectic group, each artist’s practice navigates mental, mystical or folkloric space. The resulting objects display naïve or other "outsider" qualities, are often visions of an inner world brought forth and beg the viewer to in some way fully inhabit this vision.

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