Christina Kenton

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Christina Kenton is a self-taught artist from Vancouver, Canada. Kenton first began making sculptures as cases for her lighters because “left outside, they got cold and wouldn’t work.” But instead of a simple sleeve, she creates fanciful, hand-sewn worlds that swallow the lighters whole. Kenton’s main influences are the work of her grandfather Ladislav Guderna, a prominent Slovakian surrealist who emigrated to Canada in the late 1960s, and her dreams. Along with the common therapeutic effects of art making, she also noticed the repetitive, detailed work helped soothe her chronic vertigo. These small, eccentric and highly detailed lighter sculptures are first sewn, then appliquéd with paper and painted. Oftentimes found miniatures act as the catalyst for the sculpture, or are incorporated in some manner. Kenton’s work has been shown at numerous galleries, fairs and project spaces across the US and Canada including Outsider and Others Gallery in Vancouver; Van Der Plas in New York, NY; Drake Devonshire in Toronto; Mónica Reyes Gallery in Vancouver; Happy Gallery in Chicago, IL; Border Patrol Gallery in Portland, ME; and, Elephant Gallery in Nashville, TN. Her sculptures have been featured in Broccoli Magazine, CBC Arts, Ladygunn Magazine, TAR Mag, The Dalymini and Huffington Post.


︎ Dream 2nd

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