Observer Diaries

Josh Culberson

February 12, 2023 - April 2, 2023
Opening reception February 12, 2023 2-4pm

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Stellarhighway is excited to announce Observer Diaries by Los Angeles-based artist Josh Culberson. This group of nine new works continues Culberson’s exploration of a distant, surreal and mystical future.

In the global homogenized technological decadence of the present age, the human imagination looks increasingly forward to a world where people have vanished into extinction. In Observer Diaries, Culberson takes us past what could be centuries of stagnation in late stage declining human conditions directly into post-Singularity: the hypothetical point in time where Artificial Intelligence makes human civilization obsolete and there is no distinction between human and machine. The work journals the artist’s “relationships, spiritual movement, pivotal life circumstances, and wishes for the future,” acting as a Jungian mirror held up to the human experience. - Text by Stephanie Steelman

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